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Australian Labradoodles of Ireland welcomes you with open paws!


We are a home run Australian Labradoodle breeder based in Dublin, Ireland. We pride ourselves in having scoured high and low to find only the best breeding stock for our programme.

Luna & Everest are first and foremost family pets. They live with us in our family home. Both are multi-generational Australian Labradoodles with pedigrees tracing all the way back to the founders in Australia; Tegan Park and Rutland Manor. Both are of medium size (19-20" from floor to withers (shoulders), with caramel wavy fleece coats. 

We have 6 more dogs that live in guardian homes. We are adamant that our dogs do not live in kennels of any kind. Each of our other breeding dogs live in family homes close by here in Dublin. They are strictly vetted and we have excellent working relationships with each family keeping in constant contact as well as meeting the dogs themselves regularly and making sure they are being kept in only the best condition.


Animals have always been a part of our lives. Since a young age we’ve always loved animals — both learning about and taking care of them. We began Australian Labradoodle's of Ireland in 2016 and now have the opportunity to share our love of animals with our clients and pet owners here in Ireland and indeed further afield. It has become a family affair and something we are extremely passionate about. The Australian Labradoodle is truly a unique and amazing breed.


We are proud to be affiliated with the ALAEU (Australian Labradoodle Association of Europe). Luna, our breeding female, was extensively health tested prior to her acceptance into the ALAEU and has passed with flying colours. We are delighted to have been accepted into this select group of breeders in Europe in 2018 and feel proud of our achievements to get to this point. Being members and affiliate breeders of the ALAEU gives us confidence that our policies and practices go above and beyond as we are held accountable to a higher body. We follow strict breeding guidelines, have extensively health tested our dog and adhere to a code of ethics. All puppies are provided with a pedigree certificate directly from the ALAEU going back 3 generations. Having an official pedigree from the ALAEU can give further confidence to buyers that they are buying a genuine Australian Labradoodle whose family tree is clear and that there is no element of inbreeding.

For further information please feel free to visit:

ALAEU Registration number EU-BR153


In late 2019 we were accepted into the Avidog affiliate programme. Prior to this we have worked through 8 different courses in relation to dog breeding. They have provided a wealth of information and we still participate in webinars regularly. One particular course that we find invaluable is the world renowned APET (Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test) to accurately evaluate a puppy’s temperament which in turn allows us to identify the optimal home for each and every puppy.


"Avidog Associate Breeders are responsible breeders who have publicly committed to raising their puppies the Avidog Way. This means that they have educated themselves about both cutting-edge and tried-and-true methods to produce puppies that mature into physically healthy, mentally stable dogs. And then they use those methods with every pup in every litter."

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