Keeping Your Pets Happy



The Australian Labradoodle certainly needs regular brushing to maintain their amazing coats. The coat should be brushed thoroughly, following the natural direction in which it grows using a slicker brush at least once but preferably twice per week. 
We take our adult dogs monthly to a professional groomer to keep their coats in pristine condition.


We are feeding our dogs on a high quality diet formulated specifically for the breed. The dry kibble is imported into Ireland from the UK and is entirely grain free made up of in excess of 50% meat and the remaining 50% of fruit & vegetables. All puppies are weaned onto the same kibble once the time is right starting at approx 3 weeks of age. We supply a complimentary sealed 2KG bag of these nuts along with some training and puppy treats in each puppy pack.


For more information on the food we use please

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Australian Labradoodles are by nature active and energetic dogs that will greatly benefit from regular exercise. However, the puppies under 1 year of age should have limited lead time. Outdoor play and short periods on the lead will provide a puppy with safe amount of exercise (recommended lead times are 5 minutes for every month of age).