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Australian Labradoodles come in many colours. 

Chalk is one of the easiest recognized colour. It's chalky white and dogs have a dark nose.

Cream is an off white colour that can vary from little darker than chalk to a deeper cream colour. They also have a dark nose.


Gold or Apricot have golden or a colour of the inside of a ripe apricot, with ears sometimes darker gold and a black nose.


Caramel range from very light to a dark red colour, always with a rose nose.


Red Australian Labradoodles range from orangey red to a dark red and quite often lighten with age. Reds have a black nose.


Black Australian Labradoodles have a very luxurious black coat, always with black nose.


Chocolate Australian Labradoodles have different shades. Puppies can grow to become Parchment, Lavender, Cafe or stay Dark Chocolate (brown). They always have rose or brown nose, never black. 

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