"We have recently gone through the process of purchasing our first family puppy who is a sweet little chocolate girl just 11 weeks old. We have no hesitation in recommending ALI to any prospective buyer. We found them to be 100% committed to the health and welfare of their puppies giving them the best possible start in life in a loving home environment. They are trustworthy and family-orientated and meticulous in the care of the puppies. They offer a professional service

every step of the way and provide on-going support which is so reassuring and we can wholeheartedly say we are delighted we chose Australian Labradoodles of Ireland as our breeder."

Conway Family, County Dublin, Ireland


"Our Chili turned 4 months last Tuesday - and she’s more than beautiful, inside and out! We still can hardly believe how lucky we’ve been with this breeder! The first-time mum gave all the best of her genes and love and patience - just like the caring humans around her! We never owned a dog before and found our experience 5 star - information, advice, photos, medical checkups, vaccines, food, environment, payments, communication, transparency and above all - the caring LOVE for the dogs! We are very grateful! Thank you Silvija & León!"

Sommer Family, Germany


"Remo is now 16 weeks old and thriving in all areas. He is such an intelligent and happy puppy, it feels like he has been part of the family for years.
We just want to say a big thank you to you both for going above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t think there are many breeders out there with your level of service. Being able to see him at any stage before we got to pick him up as well as being on the end of the phone and the constant photos and updates in the lead up to collecting him was invaluable and very much appreciated. 
To get a pup so young nearly toilet trained was amazing. We are constantly being stopped to enquire about him and how beautiful he is. 
We have no hesitation recommending you and have on occasions given your details to prospective buyers."

Murphy Family, County Dublin, Ireland


"The process of getting on the waiting list and then the wait itself were very pleasant experiences. I think it was very thoughtful of you to first inform us about the puppies on WhatsApp and only then on Facebook and Instagram. The puppy updates were something that we really looked forward to.

The puppy pack has been great and it's very reassuring to know that I can rely on you for help with any issues. It is obvious that you are really devoted breeders and have thought of the buyers so I have no other suggestions on how to improve the process.

Thank you again so much & best wishes to your wonderful family!"

Mäkinen Family, Finland.


"The whole process with you guys was amazing from the beginning, both on the business side, and of course also with Riley, who we are delighted with.

The weekly updates were very good and lovely to have, we enjoyed getting them and the whole family would sit down and look at them every week, it’s so nice to now have those pictures of Riley when he was tiny, but it was also a good way to keep in touch.

Riley is so incredibly calm and sweet natured, you can tell and feel that he was been really loved. He’s so happy to be handled, carried around or snuggle down on our laps. He’s at ease in himself and this is definitely testament to the amazing start he got with you. Nothing has fazed or frightened him so far, he is used to different noises and came to us very well socialised.

We couldn’t recommend you more."


Clodagh, County Cork, Ireland


"Dixie is such beautiful dog with a very charming character. We are grateful to have her in our family. 


Many thanks to both of you (Silvija and León).You have been very professional in walking us through the entire adopting process of Dixie, from getting onto the waiting list all the way to bringing her personally to Austria.

Foremost Dixie had a perfect family and environment to spend her first weeks and months. This is, what we were looking for, as the first weeks are so important to the character and socialisation of dogs. And indeed, Dixie is very well behaved. She is not at all anxious, nervous or aggressive but very friendly, cuddly and funny.

She loves to play with us and other dogs, sleeps all night long and is perfectly house-trained. Thank you very much again for letting making everything happen."

Schwenninger Family, Austria.


"From the very first interaction to collecting our lovely puppy Alfie, Leon and Silvija were fantastic. The constant updates and opportunity to visit Luna and the puppies before collection were brilliant. 


Alfie has been a fantastic addition to our family. He arrived almost fully house trained. Sleeping through the night from the beginning, he has never been any trouble. This is all down to the hard work of Leon and Silvija and the care and attention the put into the puppies.


We couldn't recommend them enough. They are exceptional."


Daniel and Declan, County Dublin, Ireland


"Brooklyn is now 15 weeks and we’ve had her for 3 weeks now. She is one fluffy, loving and happy girl. I am really impressed how fast she has been adjusting to her new home and especially to have received her almost fully potty trained!


The experience I had with Silvija and Leòn was first class from beginning to even now well after collecting my new puppy. It was important for me to have a puppy coming from a small breeder who were so knowledgeable about their breed. The weekly updates and the support I’ve had since I got Brooklyn is beyond I was expecting.


I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a puppy who has been loved and cared for since day 1. Can’t thank them enough for what they have brought into our lives!"

Roxanne, Switzerland


"We are a family of 5 with a long history of allergies and when we finally decided to adopt an Australian Labradoodle we were not really aware of all the steps we would have to follow; now that Jenna, our lovely chocolate puppy, has joined the family I shall say that it has been an extremely positive experience and was a wonderful chance to find Australian Labradoodle of Ireland.

From the very beginning, we have received tons of information, constant updates with pictures and all our questions have been extensively answered. When we picked up our puppy we also received a complete package of information, including medical tests, advice, administrative papers...

Thank you very much to León, Silvija and his family for their dedication. We are spreading the word about the amazing job you are doing."

Pasquet Family, The Netherlands 

-- -- --

"We got our pup recently and cannot recommend Leon and Silvija(Australian Labradoodles of Ireland) enough. They kept us involved from the very start and sent pictures, videos and regular updates as soon as the pups were born until we took our pup home. They answered any queries immediately throughout the process and continue to do so. They are professional and care immensely for their dogs. All the puppies were happy, had socialised well with their children and family life, which made the transition very easy for taking our pup home. I can’t thank them enough for help and support given to us and the most adorable fun puppy we now have 🐶".

O'Rielly Family, Northern Ireland

-- -- --

"Our gorgeous puppy, Chili, is just 10 weeks old and is an absolute sweetheart. She has only been with us for 2 weeks but we are completely in love with her and she has brought so much joy to our home.
Although she was only a baby when she came to live with is, Silvija and León had already done a fantastic job laying the basic foundations for toilet training which has made Chili's transition to our home even easier. At just 10 weeks, she is almost fully toilet trained! We are so proud of her and so grateful to Silvija and León for the groundwork they put in.
From the very first moment we contacted Silvija and León, we knew we wanted to welcome one of their puppies into our family. Their communication was second to none, they were always available to discuss any questions or concerns we had. They listened to our needs and wishes and did their best to fulfill them but their overall goal was always to do what was best for their puppies. They put so much time and love into the puppies and it is clear to see in our Chili. She absolutely loves being around people and she has a gorgeous temperament which is really important to us with our two young girls. 
Thank you Silvija and León. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of adding a wonderful Aussie Doodle puppy to their home."

Farrell Family, County Kerry, Ireland

-- -- --

We got a puppy from Australian Labradoodles of Ireland and cannot recommend it enough. They know the breed really well and are very experienced. They truly care for their dogs and breed them responsibly and with plenty of love. They make sure puppies go to families that will give them the same level of care and love.

León and Silvija are very approachable and transparent. They answered all of our questions promptly (believe me... we had tons of questions!) and have also provided us with continuous support to ensure we get the best possible experience before and after getting the puppy. The only thing I would change to the process is to receive the contractual agreement a bit earlier to have more time to go through this , but apart from that our experience was great and very positive.  


We are very impressed with their professionalism and all that they do to support the puppies' development, match puppies with their future families and prepare them for their new homes. We enjoyed receiving plenty of information, regular puppy development updates and photographs.

When we collected the puppy, it was in perfect health, microchipped, with vaccines and worm treatment up-to date. 

ALI goes above and beyond in every way. Puppies get temperament tests, regular health checks, plenty of socialisation, etc. They even got a puppy gym! Puppy comes with a pack with the key things needed for the first few weeks. Leon and Silvija started puppy house training so it has been really easy for us to continue with this process at home and can say that only 2 weeks after collecting the puppy, it is nearly fully house trained! 

Collection day was a warm and friendly experience where we got to meet this amazing family and all their lovely dogs. 


We look forward to our lives with our new fluffy-friend 😀🥰

Bohan Family, County Dublin, Ireland 

-- -- --

We purchased our gorgeous , cute , clever puppy from Australian labradoodle of Ireland and I have nothing but positive comments. Communication before and throughout the purchase were great. The puppy itself is very well behaved, knows a few tricks and is extremely happy and healthy. Our girl is sooo... beautiful inside & out .The delivery itself was well planned . I highly recommend buying from this breeder as they are professionals and dealing with them was a pleasure! Silvija and Leon done fantastic job , thank youuuuuu so much !!!!

Katarzyna, Poland 

-- -- --

We had been considering adding a Labradoodle to our lives for a while. We were lucky to find Australian Labradoodles of Ireland - a reputable breeder with integrity, knowledge and professionalism we could trust. 


We felt comfortable purchasing from Leon and Silvija after reviewing their website & facebook page, seeing that none of the breeding dogs live in kennels and that they were affiliated with ALAEU.


The level of care and love provided to the puppy really stands out. Australian Labradoodles of Ireland treat the new born puppy as if it was their own. The puppies are kept in their home and are looked after. The puppy we took home was already very well socialised. Our puppy Almond has a wonderful temperament. He is a very friendly and affectionate dog. He adjusted to his new home very easily.


We looked forward to receiving updates and photos on a weekly basis when the puppy was born. 


Leon and Silvija have been very helpful - answering all our questions and even following up to see how Almond was doing in his new home. 


We would happy to recommend Leon and Silvija to anyone. Their level of service and dedication has far surpassed our expectations and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have found this breeder.

Kevin & Danielle, Dublin, Ireland  

-- -- --

Dublin, Ireland

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